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Friday, April 6, 2012


God:I am Going to Make Girls with Hightech future
Any Suggestions?
Her Heart Should be Password Protected To Avoid Multiple Users!.


When yu mess up a guys hair,he thinks its cute.
But wen yu mess up a gals hair.


May yur soul rest in peace-:


Santa- Omlet Lekar Aao.
Waiter- Kaun Sa? Spanish Ya Italian?
Santa- Koi Bhi. Mujhe Khana Hai, Usase Baat Nahi Karni. ,


What's Mutual Exclusion?
It means..
You skip some topics when you study.

the person who sets D paper also skips the topics which you hv studied

Indian Gold & Crude Oil Rates

Gold(Rs./g) - 24 Karat: Rs. 2704.51 (12.12)

Gold(Rs./g) - 22 Karat: Rs. 2479.13 (11.11)

Gold(USD/oz) - New York Spot Price: $ 1631.3 (10.9)

Gold(USD/oz) - International Spot Price: $ 1627.5 (4.6)

Crude Oil(Rs./liter) : Rs. 33.23 (0.45)

Crude Oil(USD/barrel) : $ 103.25 ()

1 USD = Rs. 51.17 (0.09)