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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Undavalli Slams Jagan Camp

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Undavalli Slams Jagan Camp: "

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Shirdi Sai Baba Atma : Visuals

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Shirdi Sai Baba Atma : Visuals: "

other parts watch here

Indian Cricket's greatest triumph

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Indian Cricket's greatest triumph: "

Maataku Maata -Ambati Rambabu vs Undavalli

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Maataku Maata -Ambati Rambabu vs Undavalli: "

KSD Appalraju Tralers

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KSD Appalraju Tralers: "

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Comic for February 3, 2011

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Comic for February 3, 2011: "


Calvin and Hobbes for February 03, 2011

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Calvin and Hobbes for February 03, 2011: ""


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AndhraBobatlu: "

Ingredients for Andhra Bobatlu Recipe

Flour – 3 cups

Channa dal – 2 cups

Cardamom(Elakka) – 3 nos

Sugar or Jaggery – 2 cups

Water – As reqd

Oil or Ghee

Preparation Method of Andhra Bobatlu Recipe

1)Mix the flour with water like pizza base and some oil. Keep aside for 2 hours.

2)Soak channa dal in water for 1 hour.

3)Cook channa dal in a pressure cooker upto 2 whistles.

:- Add only little water while pressure cooking.

4)After removing from the cooker, mix together the cooked channa dal, sugar and cardamom.

:- If water is more in your dal, keep in another pan & cook on the stove till it becomes thick.

5}Keep for 1/2 an hour separately.

6)Take the dough and make balls off it.

7)Keep the dal mixture in the middle and close the balls in round shape.

8)Take one chips cover, cut the sides and place inside part up and rub some oil to it.

9)Keep the ball on it and press with your fingers.

10)Roll out to chappathis and fry them on the pan.

11)Fry one side and add some ghee or oil.

12)Fry the other side till it turns golden brown.

:- Serve hot.


American Cuisine Chicken fry Recipe

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American Cuisine Chicken fry Recipe: "

Ingredients for American Cuisine Chicken fry Recipe

Allpurpose flour(Maida) – 6 tbsp

Cornflour – 5 tbsp

Red tandoor colour – A pinch

Eggs – 2 nos

Lime – 1 no

Green chillies – 4 nos

(grind it to a paste)

Ginger – 1 big piece

Onions(big) – 3 nos

Green chillies – 4 nos

Preparation Method of American Cuisine Chicken fry Recipe

1)Clean the chicken and cut into small pieces.

2)Marinate the chicken with maida, cornflour, eggs, tandoor colour and the green chilly paste for about 30 mins.

3)Heat a good quantity of oil in a big kadai.

4)Drop the chicken pieces and fry till crisp.

5)Last of all, after frying the chicken, fry the sliced onions and slit green chillies and sliced ginger.

6)Mix all these fried items with the chicken.

7)Squeeze lime over the chicken pieces.



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Pizza: "

Pizza Recipe, Cheesy Pizza Recipe, Receipe Of Cheese Pizza.

How to make dough :

1. 1 & a half cup warm water

2. 2 tsp – sugar

3. 1 packet – active dry yeast

4. Salt as per the taste

5. 4 tsp- olive oil

6. 4 cups – flour (wheat flour or bread flour )


1. Mix water, sugar and yeast in a big vessel

2. After 10 minutes, add salt, olive oil, and one cup of flour. Add one by one all four cups of flour and keep smashing it constantly.

3. Mix it thoroughly. Make sure that the kneaded flour should be quite smooth. Use your palm to knead it well. Ensure it is neither dry nor sticky.

4. Take little oil and smear it over the dough. Cover it with plastic sheet or wet towel. Place it in a warm place or in oven (switch –off).

5. Leave it for 40 minutes. If the dough has raised double of its size, it is ready for shaping.

6. Let it cool for sometime and shape the dough ball by tossing, turning, and spinning in a cloak wise rotation till it becomes flat and circular as required.

Toppings :

1. Place the pizza base on the pizza screen.

2. Spread the cheese on the base and evenly spread the vegetables.

3. Cook the vegetables separately if required. Do not overload the pizza with too much of stuff. Keep it in oven at 500 F temperature for 10 minutes

4. Keep checking the pizza after every 4 to 5 minutes

Be aware of over heating or under heating.


RK Open Heart Kota Srinivasa Rao

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RK Open Heart Kota Srinivasa Rao: "Watch Videos Online :
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6 Part7 Part8

Kamagni (1987) - Hindi Movie

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Kamagni (1987) - Hindi Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
Part1 Part2
Cast : Tina Munim, Ramesh Deo, Alok Nath, Sujit Kumar, Satyen Kappu, Ashalata Kashmiri

Pyaasa Sawan (1981) Hindi Movie

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Pyaasa Sawan (1981) Hindi Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Cast : Jeetendra, Reena Roy, Vinod Mehra, Moushumi Chatterjee, Deven Verma, Aruna Irani, Madan Puri, Ashalata Wabgaonkar

Mr. Azaad (1994) - Hindi Movie

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Mr. Azaad (1994) - Hindi Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
click here
Cast : Anil Kapoor, Shalu Aneja, Ishrat Ali, Shakti Kapoor, Niki Aneja, Kader Khan, Chandni

Insaniyat Ke Devta (1993) - Hindi Movie

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Insaniyat Ke Devta (1993) - Hindi Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
click here
Cast : Vinod Khanna, Raaj Kumar, Vikas Anand, Rakesh Bedi, Rita Bhaduri, Avtar Gill, Jayapradha, Satyendra Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, Manisha Koirala, Guddi Maruti, Raza Murad, Vivek Mushran, Yunus Parvez, Jagdish Raj

Shirdi Sai Baba Atma : Visuals

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Shirdi Sai Baba Atma : Visuals: "Watch Videos Online :
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Vareva (2011) – Telugu Movie

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Vareva (2011) – Telugu Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
Server 1:
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Server 3:
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Cast: Gowtam, Sambhavi, Ashish Vidhyarthi

Ek Din Achanak – Hindi Movie

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Ek Din Achanak – Hindi Movie: "Watch Movie Online :
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
Starring: Rohit Roy, Manasi Joshi Roy, Mohan Kapoor