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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

e- waybill dealer Help....

e-Way Bill
Dealer Help

Eligibility for eWay Bill facility :  eCST Waybill and eAdvance CST Way Bill is open to all dealers. However, eVAT Way Bill  facility is available to only those dealers who are specifically authorized for eVAT Way Bill by DC  concerned. Please contact your DC for eVAT Waybill facility.

Advantage of eWay Bill: Through eWay Bill facility,  dealers can self generate and print way bill by entering the transaction details. No need to submit utilization afterwards. Faxed copy or print of scanned copy of eWaybill is also a valid document.

Steps for generating eWaybill:

  1. Go to
  2. Click e-Way Bill link
  3. Enter  TIN
  4. Enter password. If the dealer is already registered for eReturn, he can use the same password. Otherwise click new Registration for password.
  5. System displays the eligibility status. If radio button for eWaybill for VAT is disabled, please contact your DC for authorization. After authorization from DC, you will be able to generate eWaybill for VAT also.
  6. Select type of way bill
  7. Way bill data entry screen gets displayed

a)      Other dealer  TIN/GRN : Enter TIN/GRN of the other dealer. If the other dealer is an unregistered dealer, then it should be left blank
b)      Other dealer Name : Enter other dealer  name . If it is for self purchase or Transfer of goods from H.O. to Branch or Godown etc, enter other dealer name as  ‘SELF’.
c)      Other dealer  Address: Enter other dealer  address
d)     Vehicle No : Enter  Vehicle Number
e)      Place From which consigned : Enter the place from which the goods are consigned.
f)       Place To which consigned : : Enter the place to which the goods are consigned.
g)      Transporter Name : Enter the name of the Transporter.
h)      Invoice No: Enter Invoice  number. If  the goods under transport are from Godown to Godown or from H.O. to Branch then enter D.C. Number. If the goods under transport are for self purchase then enter Purchase Voucher Number.
i)        Invoice Date (ddmmyyyy) : Enter date in  ddmmyyy format only (Example: Enter  01012011 for 01-01-2011). If there are multiple invoices for the same consignee, add the invoice details one by one. However you can add  maximum 5 invoices details only. If the number of invoices exceed 5, use another way bill. Please note that  one e-Way Bill can not be issued to multiple consignees.
j)        Value (Rs.) : Enter value of the goods in Rupees.
k)      Commodity : Select Commodity from the dropdown list. If  you can not find the commodity from the list then select ‘Others’ from the list and enter the commodity name in the text box provided.
l)        Quantity : Enter quantity as a number.
m)    Units of Measurement: Select Units of measurement from the dropdown list.
n)      Click Add Invoice button. You can enter the details of invoices up to 5

  1. After entering the details you have edit option to correct  the mistakes if any. You can also delete invoice and enter afresh.
  2.  If the details entered are correct then click ‘Generate Way Bill’.
  3.  Way Bill is displayed in PDF window. You can save it for later printing or Click on the printer Icon and take the print of  Original, Duplicate and Triplicate copies of the way bill.
  4.  Faxed copy of eWaybill is also a valid document.

Cancellation of eWaybill:
  1. In case you have generated eWaybill with wrong details. You can send request to DC concerned for cancellation of eWaybill
  2. Steps for cancellation of eWaybill
    1. Click ‘cancellation request for eWaybill’ under Transaction menu
    2. Select Form type from list like VAT/CST. For advance CST Waybill also select CST.
    3. Enter Form number of Form which you want to cancel
    4. Reasons: Enter reasons for cancellation like Invoice details wrongly entered, Invoice value wrongly entered etc
    5. Click Send Request. System will display “Record saved successfully”. Request goes to DC concerned for cancellation.
    6. You can check status of request by clicking  Cancellation request status under Report menu
    7. You should also send email to DC concerned giving details - Form number and date of Form for expediting action on your request.
    8. After submitting cancellation request, you can generate fresh eWaybill for same invoice numbers.

eWaybill by branches:

1. Create branch login:

The dealer can himself create separate user id for each of his branch as available in VATIS .Using the said User id and Password the authorized employee of the dealer can generate e Waybill at the branch. This branch address will appear in the Consinger’s name and address. This facility issue of eWaybills for transporting goods from one branch to other branch with in AP.

2. Modify branch login status:

The dealer can disable any branch user id by clicking in “Inactive” button.
If the dealer wants to make the user id of any branch functional at any time, he can click on the “Active” button.


A dealer can view (i) TIN wise issue report (ii) Cancelation request status.

Using the main dealer user id, the dealer can view Reports pertaining to eWaybill issued at the principal place and branches.

However, the authorized employee of the dealer logging in with the branch user id, can see reports on eWaybills printed in that particular branch only.